Before we begin ... If you are under 15 years old, it might be worth checking with your mummy if it's okay for you to be browsing our website. There's nothing too offensive or controversial here, but we do suffer from mild 'potty mouth' and have a slightly cheeky (silly, childish) sense of humour. We also welcome strong opinions (within reason) and encourage strong debates.

Do you miss the days when a game could capture your imagination? Are you tired of 'modern games' with amazing graphics but no charm? Were you exasperated when you played Final Fantasy 13? Did you find yourself reaching for your PSP and downloading Final Fantasy 4 to remind yourself what a real game feels like? If your answer is 'yes' ... this website may be 'just for you!'

At Red Dog, we realise that in the modern era of gaming, excellent titles are still released ... we aren't grumpy old folks who long for the 'good old days' of blocky sprites and random battles. We simply love retro games and wanted to create a site where you can share and read opinions, play and download games and simply enjoy all things retro!

As we don't want to bore you with hundreds paragraphs of waffle (you are gamers with notoriously low attention spans after all), here is a list of features you can enjoy on our super retro gaming website ...

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